Responsible Ownership

Responsible Ownership as the breeder

Being a miniature schnauzer owner or breeder is a two-fold experience; both share the responsibility of the dog. And as the breeder, Fiona partakes in the code of ethics that is compliant by Dogs Qld and NSW. Breckingrove is also inspected yearly by the RSPCA to ensure that the schnauzers are not in a puppy mill circumstance.

Our guarantee as a breeder –

  • All dogs have a BIN number
  • Microchipped
  • Dams (females) are kept to four (4) litters over their lifetime with an average rest period of 18 months between litters
  • Dogs are fed Blackhawk dog food with organic Jalna yoghurt and Bega cheese to supply good gut bacteria
  • Fiona provides a “puppy pack’ for each new owner
  • After-care is offered, where you can call with any questions on taking the new schnauzer home
  • Pick up at eight (8) weeks of age with their first c4 vaccination, drontal worming, and Nexguard Spectra
  • No in-breeding

Responsible Ownership as the Buyer

You’ve just picked up your precious bundle, and you are ready to love it and treat it with respect, creating a loyal and lasting bond. And as a miniature schnauzer owner while care, love and playing/exercising them are daily requirements, there are a few more considerations to make sure your new family member stays healthy and happy, sharing with you plenty of love and laughter.

Your responsibility as a buyer –

  • Your miniature schnauzer will require regular weekly grooming
  • Clipper in summer
  • Follow up on heart worm and consecutive vaccinations
  • Dog friendly shampoo/conditioner is a must
  • Read your “puppy pack” as that has alot of information specifically about your new miniature schnauzer. Remember, you can always call and ask Fiona anything
  • Feed them the correct food for their breed

Your puppy pack will contain all the additional information that will require. But if you need further assistance, Fiona welcomes you to contact her.

Did you know?

Miniature Schnauzers are now becoming a popular “therapy” dog for people who have autism and dementia, as Therapists and Counsellors find that the schnauzers’ sixth sense assists in the healing process, including how clever and charismatic the schnauzers are. Not to mention they are a breed that is NOT yappy, and are incredibly well-behaved and easily trained.

Fiona will also supply you with a tax invoice if you are considering a miniature schnauzer for therapy and healing.