Miniature Schnauzer

When choosing a sire (male) or dam (female), not only will you have two (2) colourations to choose from, (pepper & salt or black & silver) but their breed has one of the best temperaments around.

Typically miniature schnauzers are –

  • A low shed breed
  • Great for those with allergies
  • No anxiety separation
  • Don’t yap
  • High watch and observation dog
  • Have a sixth sense
  • Family and farm friendly pets as they do not attack other animals
  • Lapdog
  • Trophy pet
  • Handbag pet
  • Well-behaved
  • Easily trained
  • Have medium length hair
  • Wonderful companion for the elderly
  • Can be trained as therapy dogs

Did you know? Miniature Schnauzers lifespan is up to 16 years, and they will become accustomed to your lifestyle, be it active or laying about the house.

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